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How do I apply for the Certified Marriage Certificate?

When your celebrant registers your marriage with Births Deaths and Marriages in the State or Territory where you married, you can ask Births Deaths and Marriages for a certified marriage certificate. You lodge an application form and pay the fee for the certificate.

I can send in your application form and payment to streamline the process for you. If I do this, you do not have to provide extra proof of ID. However, you can apply for the certificate at a later date if you prefer.

When you get your certified marriage certificate, check spellings, dates and all information to make sure it is correct. If there are any errors, you will need to contact Births Deaths and Marriages to have the information corrected.

How do I change my name?

Changing to your husband’s surname

If you are a bride and changing your name to your husband’s surname, you use the certified marriage certificate that you get from Births Deaths and Marriages. Each organisation will have different requirements - some may get you to fill in a form, some may change your name there and then if you show the certified marriage certificate. A few may just change your name without the certificate.

Remember if you have a passport to change your name within 12 months of marriage, otherwise you need to pay for a whole new passport.

A hyphenated surname or husband changing to wife’s surname

If you are going to use a hyphenated name after marriage in combination with your partner’s name, or you are the groom and changing to your wife’s surname, you may need to do a formal change of name application with Births Deaths and Marriages. Before you do anything, have a chat to them about how to change to a hyphenated name.

Organisations to contact

To change your name after marriage, you may need to obtain a certified marriage certificate from the Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages. This is issued in your maiden name or the name used in your ceremony and shows the link between your surname and your partner’s surname.

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The wedding certificate you receive on your wedding day is evidence of your marriage but not evidence of your identity for the purpose of changing your name.

If you plan to change your name to a hyphenated name with your partner’s name, it’s a good idea to check with Births Deaths and Marriages in the State where you married about what you need to do. You may need to apply for a formal change of name rather than a certified marriage certificate.

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