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House blessings or house warmings celebrate another important milestone in your life - moving to a new house or the building of a new house. I can include “clearing” the energy, involving essences and feng shui principles, along with the ceremony, or a welcoming ceremony.

Your home is a reflection of who you are, a place to live, to welcome friends, a shelter from  the outside world.

House Warming Ceremony

Your ceremony includes:

Monday to Thursday  $150

Friday and Sunday     $200

Saturdays                   $300

House Blessing

Your ceremony includes:

Monday to Thursday  $295

Friday and Sunday     $345

Saturdays                   $395

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Your ceremony is designed with your needs and ideas in mind, with the participation of the guests (if any), taking into account the composition of your household (single, family, couple) and the structure and situation of your dwelling. You may wish to have a ceremony for your existing home or a new home. In either case, it is good to clean and clear any clutter first.

house with open doorCongratulations!

A new home.

Your house warming or blessing can include clearing the energy of previous occupants, a blessing for each room, placing crystals at the corners of the house or yard, a shared meal with family & friends or a larger celebration with everyone making wishes for your life in your new home.

singing bowl, essences and smudge stick

Houses of Life essences and tools to clear the space.

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The Houses of Life essences are designed to address each of the nine areas of a dwelling, including the centre, career, helpful people, children, relationships, fame, wealth, health and family, and knowledge sectors, clearing these and asking for a blessing in each area of life represented in your home. I may suggest remedies for different areas or I may recommend that you engage a Feng Shui practitioner to provide this. Clearing in this way is generally followed by a ceremony to welcome friends and family into your new home, or to make you feel welcome in your new home.


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