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Naming ceremonies are often held on a Saturday morning or on a Sunday. Many people hold them at the same time as a birthday, for example, the important milestone of the first birthday. However, older children really enjoy a ceremony held especially for them too. Adults can also have a naming ceremony.

Naming ceremonies are a wonderful way to celebrate the gift of your children, to reinforce that bond between your child and your family and friends, appoint guardians, mentors, godparents or guide-parents and acknowledge grandparents.

Naming Ceremony Package - One child

Your ceremony includes:

Fee: $295

Saturday afternoon surcharge: Add $150

Naming Ceremony Package - Two or more children

Your ceremony includes:

Fee: $345 depending on location

Saturday afternoon surcharge: Add $150

Naming Ceremony Package - Adult

Your ceremony includes:

(This ceremony may be held where you change your name as an adult or revert to a maiden name or if you wish to take on a spiritual name.)

Fee: $295 depending on location

Saturday afternoon surcharge: Add $150

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The packages below include travel of up to an hour each way. I am happy to travel further and we can negotiate the fee, depending on the distance, to cover travel costs.

naming ceremony decorations and buntingWhat is a naming ceremony?

Naming ceremonies are often held instead of a christening or baptism or in addition to one. They are a great alternative for families who are not religious. You can hold your ceremony at home, a venue, park or beach. If holding your ceremony at a park or beach, check with your local council about bookings.

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Baby namings connect your community of family and friends with your child.

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Hi Marlee. Thank you for a beautiful Naming Ceremony for our children Gwen & Jack on Sunday 11th November 2007. It truly was a magical experience, almost dream like. When I was planning this ceremony a lot of people queried why I was doing this, I explained to them then that the ceremony is actually a way of introducing the Guardians of a child, to explain the meaning of the names and why that name was chosen and that I personally wanted both of my children to be named on the same day as a bonding for them. Because some many people queried me, I started to question the importance of the ceremony for us and why we felt we should be doing this, alas our original supporting beliefs were cemented when the ceremony started. This was truly a moving experience. I believe you moved many people that day with the beauty of the ceremony and the words you spoke. I know the grandparents and the great grandparent loved the certificates you presented them with. I remember looking around during the service and noticed many misty eyes. After the ceremony was complete many of the people who were not sure about the meaning of the day originally, told me how much they enjoyed it and you could see the glint in their eyes as though they had been touched by something that only a truly inspiring moment leaves you with. Once again, we thank you….

Sue and John

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