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Parenting Commitment Ceremonies

A parenting commitment ceremony celebrates your family in whatever form it takes. If you have separated, one or both parents, if an amicable separation, can show your child or children that they are still as important as they always were. Or this ceremony can be held with one parent only. If you have remarried, this ceremony is ideal to welcome a step-parent and seek a commitment by them to do the best for your children.

These ceremonies recognise changes to your family over time and provide a reassurance to your children that they are loved - a celebration of life and love!

Your ceremony includes:

Fee: $295

ceremony conducted for a family bunting for ceremony area wishing tree

Most ceremonies are held on a Saturday morning or Sunday. However, they can be held in the evening and through the week, or on school holidays too.

ceremony items candle goblet and roseA special day for children

Invite guests or have a private ceremony with just the family.

Your parenting commitment ceremony can contain special wishes for the children, promises by parents, mentors, a sand or candle ceremony, and family certificates, signed by parents and children.

treasure box for wishes and small symbolic items for your child

A treasure box

Guests and parents bring items for a treasure box, symbolising wishes and happiness for the child - a box of treasures to remind him/her of the ceremony and that they are loved.

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Extra travel:

I will travel further - we can negotiate a fee for extra travel.

Hardship and special circumstances:

If you have special circumstances, we may be able to negotiate my fees.