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Space clearing the ceremony area

I can clear your ceremony space using chi clearing tools, singing bowls, essences, smudging and incense, either before your ceremony starts or at the beginning of the ceremony. If you wish, I can smudge your guests as they enter the ceremony space.

Circle of love

In the circle of your ceremony I ask your guests to greet each other as we begin our ceremony and become fully present to witness your declarations of love.


During your ceremony, I can ask for the blessings of your angels or guardians on your marriage and on each person present, on your wedding rings and from the four directions or elements and the fifth element of ether or spirit.


Rituals for your spiritual wedding ceremony may include:

Spiritual vows

Your marriage vows can reflect your spiritual beliefs and the promises you would like to make to your partner in this lifetime. Examples of vows may include that you honour the divine in your partner, seek to support them in their spiritual growth and share the delights and challenges of the physical world together. I have examples of vows you can use or you may like to write your own vows.  

Closing the ceremony circle

At the end of your ceremony, we may give thanks for the love that connects us all and for the couple who stands before us, declaring their love and sharing their happiness. We can ask that all carry the joy of this moment in their hearts as they leave the ceremony space to congratulate you. We may give thanks for spirit, the angels and guides, for the natural elements, for god and goddess as we close the circle.

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If you are not religious and you are spiritual, I’d love to assist with your wedding ceremony as your marriage celebrant. I can include element blessings, crystals and singing bowls, essences and astrological timings for your ceremony, invoking the angels and including the release of any ties from previous partnerships, ring blessings and space clearing of your ceremony area

blessing rings placed on a crystal wand

Blessing the rings, placed on a crystal wand. The wine goblets were used in this ceremony for a special toast between wife and husband at the end of the ceremony.

As a civil celebrant, I am not affiliated with any church or religion and do not include any religious or spiritual elements in your ceremony unless you ask me to. I am happy to facilitate a wedding ceremony for you that includes your spiritual belief system, including earth based rituals, angels, crystals, asking for the presence of your guides and guardians, casting circles, Reiki and essences, and including your ideas and wishes.

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The ceremony was the highlight of the day! We loved Marlee’s soothing, warm and caring presence. The bell ceremony was so affecting as was the incorporating of the elements. We felt so guided and cared for in Marlee’s hands. We have nothing but appreciation, praise and gratitude! The ceremony was more beautiful and moving than we could have imagined. It was our dream ceremony and through Marlee’s own special touches and thoughtfulness, so much more.

Ivette and Gerard

We watched our wedding video on Sunday night and it was soooooooooooooooo  beautiful.  We couldn’t have wished for a more sacred or beautiful wedding and of course your contribution and presence made it all possible.  Thanks again Marlee.

Angie and Terry

You really did such a wonderful job. And yes, we will most certainly cherish our wedding day, especially as you brought it together so magically! It left such a huge impact on everyone. We have had heaps of feedback all saying the same thing. “That was the best wedding I have ever been to”. The Sand ceremony and Stone Circle ceremony were extremely appreciated by everyone. It has left them all with a more holistic experience that they have taken home with them. Quite a number of people have told us how they can’t stop talking about it to their friends.

Wendy and Robert

handfasting ceremony with coloured cords spiritual wedding ceremony white rose in spiritual wedding ceremony celebrant holding out rings on a blessed river rock for couple in spiritual wedding