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Do I need to include readings in my ceremony?

Absolutely not. It’s your choice.

What is a wedding reading?

A reading is often an extract of an author’s work or a poem that helps to reflect the mood and theme of your wedding or says something about your relationship. The titles of some readings, for example, are “The art of a good marriage” and “On Marriage” and  “What is a soul mate?”

A reading can be funny or serious, offbeat or romantic, created just for you by a talented family member or friend or a traditional wedding reading.

Who does the reading?

Often a close friend or family member will do the reading, as it is a way of honouring and involving someone in your ceremony. I’ve seen people standing there shaking like a leaf while reading due to nerves but so very happy that they have been asked to do it. If you love a particular reading but no-one wants to do it, then I can read it for you in the ceremony. Sometimes couples share a reading as well. If you can pick someone who is good at speaking in public, this can really make the reading shine.

Where do I find readings?

Your celebrant will help you with this. There are also lots of readings on the internet - just google wedding readings! Have a look at the links to the right as well for some inspiration.

Here’s one I wrote for a couple who married under a beautiful tree:

May Your Marriage be Strong and Beautiful

(name and name), may your marriage be as strong and beautiful

as the tree you stand beneath/beside.

Like the tree, may you be firmly grounded

Like its trunk and branches, may there be many exciting facets to your marriage

Like its leaves, may there always be fresh growth to encourage and stimulate you

When there is strong wind, may your marriage bend and not break

When there is rain, may you be nourished and find shelter from deep within you

And when there is sunshine, may it lend warmth to make you both shine.

© Marlee K Bruinsma

Readings from the bible are traditionally included in church weddings.

With civil marriage ceremonies, you can include readings from a variety of sources. They are usually contemporary, not religious, and can include quotes from popular culture, such as Doctor Who, Star Trek or the Pokemon series!

two wedding guests doing a reading at a wedding ceremony

Asking someone to read a poem or extract from a novel or work of non-fiction is a way of involving family or friends in your ceremony.

The author of a reading is acknowledged in the ceremony. Many celebrants, including myself, pay a fee each year for a copyright licence. That money is distributed back to authors to assist with their income and to ensure that writing as an art continues.


Some wedding readings:

Lighthearted and silly

Romantic readings

Wedding poems

Love comes softly upon us – and then, in its embrace, we sink to great depths and soar to great heights – it comes in waves and tumbles us about until we turn and swim with its pull and then suddenly, we find ourselves buoyed up and supported by the great ocean of love that has accumulated in the wake of all who have loved since time began.

Written for a couple I married on a Gold Coast beach  beside the ocean        

© Marlee K Bruinsma  

Marlee, you made our day precious and memorable, with the inclusion of family members’ readings and all the beautiful words spoken.

Angela Davey

We both enjoyed the warming of the rings by our friends and family (what a great idea!) and our personal readings. Marlee, you are the consummate professional and it was a privilege to be your client. Your style of service was everything we wanted and more. You were terrific, Marlee. The options, suggestions and style of ceremonies enabled us to tailor the perfect wedding for us. We are so grateful for your advice and have memories we will treasure always.

Amanda and Max Coppa

guest reading a verse at a couple's wedding ceremony back