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ceremonies for menarche or adolescence (becoming woman), coming of age (18 or 21), motherhood (blessingways), endings and growing into wisdom (croning) celebrate and embrace the many changes we experience through life, with the blessing and participation of our friends and families

celebrating and integrating the changes we experience in our lives as women from adolescence through to motherhood and wisdom


a ceremony to acknowledge and celebrate a girl’s journey to becoming a woman as she begins to menstruate, often carried out with the women of her extended family and a few close friends, and designed to embrace this event as a positive experience

Coming of age

ceremonies to acknowledge a young woman as she makes that transition from child to adult, including accepting the power and responsibility of her own choices, the mentorship of other women, the leaving behind of childhood and the exciting possibilities ahead

Blessingways or motherhood ceremonies

celebrating your journey into mothering, affirming you as a woman and becoming mother, these are different from a baby shower as gifts and support are given to you, gifts to hold close in childbirth and in the early stages of mothering


to embrace menopause and growing older, recognising the wisdom you have gathered on your journey and your place as an elder in your family and community


ceremonies to help you embrace the end of a relationship or the death of a loved one with renewed hope for the future and a positive view of change, with the support and friendship of your loved ones, whether family or friends or both

Fees for ceremonies

the fee will depend on the ceremony, the level of detail in the ceremony, the location and time and your individual circumstances

rites of passage ceremony ceremony helps to celebrate and mark significant moments in a woman's life daughter in ceremony

rites of passage ceremonies are offered and designed for your situation, the guests you invite, the time and circumstance and are often conducted according to the moon phase or with astrological and seasonal timing

girl dressed up celebrating birthday Rites of Passage

celebrating sisterhood

rites of passage help us embrace changes in our lives and help us create close bonds with friends and family which in turn support us in our roles as carers, lovers, keepers of the hearth, mothers, builders of community and finally as elders sharing our wisdom

ceremony decorations using natural materials

walking in beauty

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Comment from a young woman, already 18, witnessing a coming of age for her 18 year old friend:

I loved this ceremony - is it possible to have one when you turn 21?

The answer is yes, you can!